Penn State's New Inquiry Into The Sandusky Allegations Has Even Less Credibility Than Initially Imagined

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Luke mentioned Kenneth Frazier's own gift for whitewashing institutional malfeasance on Tuesday. Frazier, of course, is the chairman and CEO of Merck and the man in charge of Penn State's in-house inquiry into what happened in the Jerry Sandusky affair. But check out this little nugget from a lengthy story published today by The Patriot-News of Harrisburg that outlines Penn State's ties to Sandusky's charity, The Second Mile (emphasis ours):

Dorothy "Dottie" Huck and her husband, Lloyd, are big Penn State donors. In total, the Hucks have given the university more than $20 million.

Lloyd Huck, a former chairman of the board at Merck, sits on the Penn State board of trustees. Dottie Huck sits on the board of The Second Mile. In the last five years, the Hucks gave more than $21,000 to The Second Mile, and Merck gave at least another $8,000.

To review: Penn State, the school accused of covering up Sandusky's alleged crimes, has begun its own inquiry, which is headed by a man with a history of engaging in cover-ups, and who is chairman of the same company that once was chaired by a member of Penn State's Board of Trustees, who, in turn, is married to a member of the board of Sandusky's charity. And that man and his wife happen to have donated large sums of money to Penn State and to Sandusky's charity, both individually and through the company whose current chairman is now heading Penn State's investigation. Yeah, Kenneth Frazier is going to crack this thing wide open.


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