Penn Women's Lacrosse Players Accused Of Damaging Bar, Exposing Genitals

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The University of Pennsylvania's women's lacrosse team is accused of causing significant damage, stealing booze, and more while partying at a Philadelphia pub Saturday night.

According to the Casey Neff, general manager of Fado Irish Pub, the team turned into a crazy, genital-flashing shitshow, even cheering on as members of the group broke things.

From the Daily Pennsylvanian:

The event was a pre-planned party hosted by the Penn women's lacrosse team scheduled from 9-11 p.m., Neff said, although he added that the group stayed much later.

In the email, the bar owner complained that the team members intentionally broke facilities such as a light fixture which caused a "broken glass hazard." The students also allegedly stole a bottle of liquor from the bar and attempted to steal a six-pack of beer. Neff claimed that the lacrosse players also smoked marijuana in the bathroom and exposed a young woman's genitals to the "adulation of the rest of the party." They also allegedly tipped less than 4 percent on the $1,300 tab.

Neff sent out an email explaining what happened to the university, athletic department, and team's head coach, Karin Brower Corbett. He's unable to file a police report, because he doesn't know who in particular is responsible for the damages.

Think about that. That group of people was reportedly so wholly obnoxious and destructive, Neff couldn't single anyone out. The bar was basically hit by a hurricane of drunk lacrosse players.

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Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images