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Pennsylvania Quakers

1. Their Home Court Is Famous, And Not Just For Hoops. The Palestra: Penn's home court, often mentioned in hallowed tones, referred to by some as the most historic fieldhouse in all of college basketball. It's home not only to all of Penn's games, but many of the classic Big Five rivarly games as well. At least three or four hundred years old (that's an approximation), it's a sacred house of hoops. Little known fact: During off-days, it often serves as a recreational court for legendary Philadelphian born and bred entertainers Boyz II Men. One of my good friends was a former player who would often see them clowning around on the court with their young kids either before or after practice.

2. Archibong Fever! Only in the bizarre alternate universe of college basketball could this be possible: Right around the turn of the century (2000, 2001, etc.), Penn and its archrival Princeton somehow each had a player on their roster witht the rather unusual last name of Archibong (no relation). This felicitious coincidence led to what I still consider to this day to be the best sign I've ever seen at a sporting event in my life, if only because it combined two of my great loves. Held up during the student section during the game against Princeton, it read: "Our Archibong hits better than yours."

3. As Storied As College Basketball Comes: From Daily Pennsylvania: As of mid-January, Penn is the seventh winningest college basketball program of all time, up there with heavyweights like UNC, Kentucky and Kansas. Penn s three wins over that weekend pushed the program total to 1,601 all time (against exactly 900 losses and two ties). That s a .640 win percentage. But: Only Penn is home to a long list of amazingly talented alumni including, but certainly not limited to, the soulful John Legend, the wonderfully versatile Maury Povich and, of course, the ruggedly handsome Mike Madeo. — Michael Madeo

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