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People Actually Attend Baseball Game In Pittsburgh, Security Guard Loses Finger, Cop Injures Shoulder Slapping Woman

That's how the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported what went down Saturday night at PNC Park, at least in part. It started when 21-year-old Rachel George was allegedly smoking in her seat, which led to George being escorted to the ballpark's security office. But then George's boyfriend and father got involved.

Best to let the P-G take it from here:

As Pirates security supervisor Joseph Risher was escorting her out of the right field gate, Ms. George's unidentified boyfriend assaulted him and ran off. Ms. George jumped on the guard's back and started to pull him backward, the complaint says.

Her father joined in the attack, pushing him up against a fence.

"While defending himself, Mr. Risher got his left hand caught on the fence, and when he was pulled by both (defendants) his left middle finger was ripped off at the second knuckle and was hanging by a piece of skin," Detective Rende wrote in the complaint.


So we have a security guy losing a finger after getting into a fight with a woman and her father and boyfriend, with the boyfriend having escaped. This story isn't over, though. The Georges were finally handcuffed, but they were far from finished. And neither was a city cop who assisted in restraining them. More from the P-G:

Ms. George cursed and spit on him. As Sgt. Sean Duffy, who intervened, was placing her in a holding cell at the ballpark she kicked him, prompting him to use a "palm strike" to the left side of her face. He said he felt a sharp pain in his right shoulder while doing this, requiring care at UPMC Mercy.

Most amazing part of this story, which the P-G failed to mention? Paid attendance was listed at 34,187.

PNC Park guard loses finger, Pittsburgh cop injures shoulder in struggle with belligerent fan [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

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