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People Who Hate Air Conditioning Are Commie Assholes

It’s summer again, which means it’s time for a whole new round of dirty hippie assholes smarming up the Internet with their anti-air conditioning takes. Even the Pope got in on it. NOT COOL, COOL POPE. Anyway, these air conditioning shamers are a scourge and they must be destroyed, starting with the editor-in-chief of this very site. That is the subject of this week’s DEADCAST.

But that’s not all. After I listen to Marchman ramble on like a college freshman about the evils of air conditioning, we talk about stupid NBA contracts, Michael Sam’s bizarre AWOL incident, Oreos, and more. You may as well listen, because it’s July and fuck all else is going on.


If you have anything you’d like to hear discussed on the podcast, just send it in to with the subject line DEADCAST. You can listen to the show here or download it over at the iTunes store. Otherwise, kick back and listen with the window unit set to MAX COOL.

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