Pep Guardiola Refuses To Shake Hands With MLS Team After All-Star Game

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Upset with a pair of hard challenges from Osvaldo Alonso and Will Johnson for MLS in the second half Wednesday night, Pep Guardiola accosted the referees and MLS coach Caleb Porter for the final minutes of the match. As the game ended, he wagged his finger in Porter's face and refused to shake his hand.

This was a preseason friendly for Bayern Munich and no one wants to get hurt in a preseason game. Guardiola clearly felt the style of play was too coarse for the occasion and showed his distaste. Taylor Twellman also mentioned there could have been a gentleman's agreement to go easy that Guardiola felt was ignored. He was particularly angered by Alonso's hard challenge on Xherdan Shaqiri.


So, when the time came, he refused to shake hands with anyone from MLS and tried to keep his players and staff from doing the same. It all culminated with Caleb Porter following him around like a sad puppy dog with his arm outstretched.