Hold your finger over this picture, close your eyes, and touch the screen. Chances are your finger landed on a person in gut-wrenching, what-the-fuck-did-I-just-see agony.

On Monday, we saw mostly individuals or small groups of people looking forlorn but thanks to reader Joel, we've got a picture of a huge crowd in Kansas City taken the very moment Ronaldo nah, just kidding'd the U.S. in Sunday's bonkers 2-2 draw.

Seriously, click expand and just scan through it for a few minutes. Almost every single person has a look of shock or disgust on his or her face, or is engaging in some kind of involuntary facepalm/head-grabbing. Some are doing all of those things. It's totally sad, for sure, but it's also a little bit funny. Look long enough and you'll start to develop favorites.