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Perhaps Now We Can Put All Of This Behind Us?

We suspected as much, but Michigan Sports Center has obtained clear evidence that the exposed USC Song Girl Rose Bowl heiney is, indeed, the result of a wedgie. We'll let the crestfallen Conquest Chronicles explain:

Sean at Michigan Sports Center had to go and ruin the only thing I liked about the Rose Bowl: Turns out, he got his hands on an HD picture of the above and the young co-ed in question was wearing skivvies ... Thanks-a-fucking lot, Sean. While you're at it, why don't you just go and tell my 5 year old niece there is no Santa Claus, too.


Above is the Zapruder Film of the 21st Century: Our only regret is that Gerald Ford is no longer here to serve on a new Warren Commission. And please feel free to examine MSC's HD photo for yourself, after the jump.

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