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Perhaps This Could Have Waited

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I realize that we probably shouldn't expect a lot of dignity from the New York Post, but... well, this is a bit much. The above cartoon ran in the New York Post yesterday, and while I haven't seen a ton of outrage about it, the person who sent in the tip says that several radio guys were freaking out.

And sure, why wouldn't they? I can't say I'm personally offended, but I'm not a member of Cory Lidle's family. I'm not someone who cared about him on a personal level. Those people are out there, however, and they probably could've waited until Monday for this. Or perhaps, and I know this sounds crazy, done without it all together.


But who knows, by Monday, there could be a whole new tragedy at which to poke fun, and this one would have gone to waste.

Delonas for Friday, October 13, 2006 [New York Post]

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