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Peruvian Soccer Players Faint After Being Drugged By Rivals During Game

During a match for promotion to the top tier of Peruvian soccer, one team handed the other "energy drinks." How friendly. Four players collapsed, and the drinks turned out to contain tranquilizers.

With promotion on the line, Hijos de Acosvinchos traveled to Sport Ancash. During a break in play, the Acosvinchos accepted what they thought were energy drinks from a Sport Ancash coach. (The drinks were in "beakers;" that should probably have been the first red flag.) Minutes later, they started dropping like flies.

Unsurprisingly, Sport Ancash won the match and promotion to the Primera DivisiĆ³n. That's on hold, as officials investigate exactly what happened. But Sport Ancash's president has his own theory:

They ate barbecued chicken with spices and ended up taking indigestion tablets afterwards. I'm sure these four men fainted because of that and the physical effort they put in."


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