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PETA: Dog Master Race To Rise Up, Annex The Sudetenland

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The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show got underway on Monday, and of course PETA was there to add an air of dignity and understatement to the proceedings, as the photo indicates.


This year's statement by PETA: The Westminster show must be sympathetic to the Klu Klux Klan, because both organizations advocate the creation of a purebred master race. Protesters were outside of Madison Square Garden on Monday to hand out fliers with that message.

Their goal, according to a post on the PETA website, was to draw a parallel between the KKK and the American Kennel Club. "Obviously it's an uncomfortable comparison," PETA spokesman Michael McGraw told the Associated Press. But the AKC is trying to create a "master race" when it comes to pure-bred dogs, he added. "It's a very apt comparison." The group passed out brochures implying the Klan and AKC have the goal of "pure bloodlines" in common.


In addition, PETA has produced this video, which is rather humorous.

"I can't speak for everyone, but the vast majority of the people exhibiting and handling and showing at Westminster are more interested in the health of dogs than anything else," Westminster spokesman David Frei told the AP.

I'm agreeing with PETA on this one, and here's why. I'm watching Westminster with my dog, Maggie the Bearded Collie. So on TV they bring out the Bearded Collie during the herding dog competition, and all that the USA Network announcers can talk about is how the beardie is hard to train; how it's a rebel, and is less desirable as a pet than a monitor lizard. Then the German Shepherd comes out, and they give it nothing but praise. Oh, what a great animal ... the Mother Teresa of dogs. No flaws whatsoever.

German Shepherd, Nazis, master race ...

Oh, and apparently sheep are eligible this year.

Photo: AP.

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