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PETA's Super Bowl Shuffle

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According to the New York Post, the fine folks at PETA are putting together an commercial for the Super Bowl that will involved female models "'flashing' the camera, and when they lift their shirt, they will have prosthetic udders over their breasts." Ignoring the fact that this is almost, letter for letter, the exact nightmare we had the other night, we are pretty certain this ad will never see the light of day, particularly during the Super Bowl. (If they ban naked Mickey Rooney ads, the odds are pretty good you're not gonna see udders.)

We do, however, like what this could inspire in Anna Benson. We imagine devoted bunny murderer Anna encouraging her husband's new team to buy a counter advertisement, in which she's rolling around in a bikini made of bacon in a pool of venison blood, her tongue lapping around a piece of beef jerky suggestively.


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