Pete Alonso Does His Best Troy Polamalu Impression On An Unsuspecting Josh Reddick

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Red Sox manager Alex Cora called Mets first baseman Pete Alonso “probably the best hitter in Florida right now” after the two teams faced off on Saturday. Two days later, Alonso took an unconventional route to show that Cora’s words rang true.

In the bottom of the fifth on Monday, Astros outfielder Josh Reddick bunted a ball towards Mets pitcher Seth Lugo. The pitcher’s throw to first was a bit wider than Alonso wanted it, but he was able to corral it just in time for the out. Unfortunately, the way the first baseman adjusted his body to make the catch left him in a vulnerable position which forced him to curl up in order to protect himself. As a result, Reddick ran straight into the Mets player’s large frame and got jacked up pretty hard.


Both guys were okay after the collision, with each player wishing the other well on Twitter. Alonso, understandably, was a bit more excited about the play than Reddick was and gave this fiery quote after the game:

“Whoever says baseball isn’t a contact sport is an idiot,” Alonso said with a laugh after the 6-3 loss. “That’s proof of that.”


No word on whether Roger Goodell will be fining Alonso for his unnecessary roughness.