Peter Gammons: Angel Hernandez Blew That Call After Ignoring The Replay

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Peter Gammons went on Dan Patrick's radio show to talk about umpire Angel Hernandez's egregious blown call from Wednesday night's A's-Indians game. Gammons offered an interesting explanation for how Hernandez could have failed to properly call what was a clear home run even after looking at a video replay.

Patrick's entire interview with Gammons is above. At the start, Gammons laments the "almost belligerence to ignore the replay" that Hernandez demonstrated. Gammons goes on to talk about replay in general, before Patrick asks him if he thinks that Hernandez blatantly disregarded the replay that he saw because he doesn't believe instant replay should be in the game. Gammons answers:

Well, that was certainly the impression many of us had. You couldn't rationalize seeing what he was able to see, and then saying, "It's a double."


Gammons then goes on to tell a story about a conversation he had with a group of umpires a few years ago, the subject of which was Jim Joyce's famously blown call that cost Armando Galarraga a perfect game. Gammons says the umpires he was with vehemently stated that Joyce should have never admitted that he got that call wrong.


So yeah, MLB umpires are the awful egotists you have always thought them to be. Also, we like this unfiltered version of Peter Gammons. This is something we could get used to.