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Peter King Calls Cowboys Backup Lineman "A Disgrace," Because Peter King Is Kind Of A Dick

"How does Alex Barron have a job in football, other than selling beer in the stands?" Peter King tweeted yesterday after the Cowboys lineman concluded his evening with a hold you could see from the Lions-Bears replay booth. "He is a disgrace."

Those are awfully bitchy words, especially given that Barron was an emergency starter last night and as such, Tom Scocca writes, probably shouldn't have been put in a position to block an All-Pro linebacker one-on-one, least of all in the game's final, death-or-glory play. But let's stipulate that King is correct here; that a guy who commits an egregious game-ending boner in the season opener is, in fact, a disgrace. If that's true, what do we say about the quarterback who has committed egregious game-ending boner after egregious game-ending boner after egregious game-ending boner? The one whose most recent egregious game-ending boner cost his team a trip to the Super Bowl? Surely Brett Favre is every bit the disgrace that Alex Barron is — right, Peter King?


[Q]uarterbacks get too much credit when they win, too much blame when they lose.


Wealthy and Famous Football-Typist Peter King Kicks Backup Cowboys Lineman When He's Down [Slate]


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