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Peter King, Hello!

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We have always liked Sports Illustrated's Peter King, up until a couple of years ago, at least. He was plugged in, incredible for information, and had that everyman quality we Web people enjoy. But — and maybe because he's gotten all thin now, or maybe it's the breakneck schedule he keeps — he is clearly starting to take some dangerous turns toward the certifiably insane. The Mighty MJD does a great job of documenting this every Monday, but we have a postulate of our own to submit: We think Peter King is slowly turning into Larry King. You can barely tell the columns apart anymore.

Selections from the most recent Monday Morning Quarterback column:

• Carolina. Weird, unusual. But dominating.
• The CBS in-game football music. It's awful. You guys have to change it. I'll beg if I need to.
• I'm so odd I'm asking for bobbleheads for Christmas, and my kids look at me like I'm a very strange man.
• Charlotte's a nice, growing, comfortable downtown. Very nice. Good walking city too.
• House withdrawal. Missed it last week. Feel my pain?


Honestly, would a single one of those lines be out of place in a Larry King column? We're full expecting a "Look up a picture of 'class' in the dictionary, and you'll see a picture of Kurt Schottenheimer" sentence any day now.

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