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Last month Miami radio host Andy Slater joined Marlins Man on an investigative trip to the British Virgin Islands, where they learned that the corporate address of the Miami Marlins was a post office box, listed in order to establish the Marlins as a foreign company, for the most cynical of reasons. This was an embarrassing moment for the Marlins, and the organization appears to have responded in spectacularly petty fashion—they retaliated for the report by pulling Slater’s press credentials to cover the team:


Slater appeared on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz on Friday and confirmed the sequence of events. Slater says he was credentialed to cover the Marlins for seven years, prior to this season. His access was curtailed at the start of this season, but immediately after the infamous Caribbean trip the Marlins began denying his credential requests:

“I was basically told that I could not come cover the Marlins. I was denied credentials right after I went to the British Virgin Islands, that trip. I was actually approved for the next day, for that Sunday, and then I got a denial email, and then was denied about a week later when I applied yet again. I spoke to Marlins PR and they basically don’t like the way that I cover the team. So I’ve been denied credentials since then.”


Slater says the island trip and a second incident having to do with a scheduled town hall meeting were specifically identified as examples of stories viewed as “bothersome” by the Marlins, as explained to him by Marlins vice president of communications Jason Latimer. Probably these are the sorts of stories the Marlins wouldn’t have to worry about if they got their shit together. So it’ll be a while.

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