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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Peyton Audibles To Jay Cutler's Attempted Murder

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Horseplay: Manning grabs Jay Cutler's cellphone before Pro Bowl pranksters throw him in the pool; forgets the insulin monitor in Jay's other pocket. He should be out of the coma by June. [With Leather]

Missed layups happen here: These NBA plays will live in infamy. Yes, that means you can still laugh at them. [Low Posts]

Floyd Landis approved: What exactly did Hines Ward put in his body before the Super Bowl and did it somehow make Santonio Holmes right foot any heavier? [Waiting For Next Year]


Pay-Per-Dude: Joe Calzaghe retires as an undefeated champion. Of boxing, I hope. [Josh Q Public]

So cold in the D: Not everything is rosy in Steeler land—Charlie Batch's Detroit restaurant is bankrupt. If only Scott Mitchell hadn't opened a taco stand right next door. [Tax Watchdog]

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