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Peyton Manning Does Brief Alpha Dog Impression

See, this is what we were talking about. Going into last night's Monday Night game, the Bengals were the team with the defense that was playing well at the right time, the Colts were collapsing (because Tony Dungy isn't "tough" enough, or something) and the entire AFC was topsy-turvy, if you don't mind us using the word "topsy." Anyway, all it took was one brilliant game from Peyton Manning — he must have realized last night wasn't a playoff game — and now the Colts are feeling like all is well again.

The Bengals, meanwhile, have gone from The Hot Team to a team extremely unlikely to make the playoffs. They've got a road game with Denver this week and then a New Years Eve game against Pittsburgh, neither of which is a team particularly eager to roll over for the Atticans. We know everybody loves Marvin Lewis and everything, but to have all the issues and arrests and DUI's and vomiting next to cop cars and what-not, and also not make the playoffs ... well, that certainly seems a little worthy of taking pause, no?


That said, we've got two more weeks, one more road game ... plenty of time for another arrest or two. It's a sacred run for the record at this point.


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