Henry Vomits, But Isn't Arrested. Kudos, Chris!

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We know we touched on this earlier today, but it really does warrant its own post.


As we mentioned, after Cincinnati's breakthrough win over Pittsburgh yesterday, the team plane flew back to Cincinnati, presumably so the team could rest up after an exhausting, physical victory. Linebacker Odell Thurman, already serving a four-game suspension, decided, apparently with wide receivers Reggie McNeal and — of course — Chris Henry, to go paint the festive city of Cincinnati red. It was all downhill from there.

Thurman was picked up in the 3800 block of Kellogg Avenue in the East End after a Cincinnati Police officer saw him drive on the left side of a double yellow line. He was brought to a checkpoint operated by the Cincinnati Police and Ohio State Patrol and submitted to a breath test. Thurman blew a .17, which is considered a high-tier reading, said Officer Stephen Lawson of the Cincinnati Police Traffic Section. The .17 is more than double Ohio's legal blood-alcohol limit of .08.

Thurman was one of at least three players in a 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe. The vehicle is owned by Bengals rookie wide receiver Reggie McNeal, who was a passenger, said a source at the scene. Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry was a passenger and threw up out a window of the vehicle. Neither McNeal nor Henry was cited or charged with any type of violation.


That's right: Police observed Henry, who had just caught two touchdown passes, throwing up outside the vehicle. But hey: Not being arrested is actually a pretty nice night for him.

This all happened at 3 a.m. today. God, we love the Bengals.

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