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Peyton Manning Shares A Rep With Jim Nantz, Who Won't Mention That HGH Story

On Sunday, CBS’s Jim Nantz steadfastly refused to even bring up the Al Jazeera report alleging that HGH was delivered to Peyton Manning’s home. On Monday, Nantz explained why: “If we talk about it we would only continue to breathe life into a story that on all levels is a non-story.” Today we learn that the two men share more than a deep, abiding love of Papa John’s pizza.


The Daily News reports that Jim Nantz is represented by sports broadcasting agent Sandy Montag. Montag also represents Manning on a number of his marketing and endorsement deals.

The connection goes deeper. Montag has long allied with Ari Fleischer—their two businesses announced a partnership last year—since Fleischer quit politics to start a communications firm. The day after the HGH report came out, Manning hired Fleischer to publicly contest the allegations.

Fleischer denies his connection with Montag had anything to do with Nantz’s self-imposed gag order.

“I didn’t even know Sandy represented Nantz and in all cases, I haven’t asked Sandy to do anything on this,” Fleischer said in an email.


Believe what you want; Nantz has already made quite clear what he believes.

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