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Phelps Bong Hits Feed The Homeless In San Francisco

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Kellogg's recent dumping of Michel Phelps as its spokesman had at least one unexpected consequence: The sudden appearance of about 3,800 pounds of cereal at the San Francisco Food Bank.


Kellogg's, one of the many corporations to tell Phelps to get out and stay out as their spokesman after his love of bongs and frat parties hit the media, had to have somewhere to get rid of all the cereal boxes adorned with his likeness. Nicaragua is already teeming with Patriots 19-0 t-shirts; it's not taking the Frosted Flakes as well.

So suddenly boxes and boxes of the stuff began showing up at the San Francisco food bank, as columnist C.W. Nevius reports in his Chronicle column today.

Kellogg's isn't actually saying that it dumped the cereal boxes on food banks — a spokesman for the cereal company did not return a call — but it is a logical conclusion. For starters, said San Francisco Food Bank executive director Paul Ash, it has become unusual for companies to offer cereal. "It's a very tough item to get," Ash said. "In the last six or eight years, it's become very hard to get ahold of."


So Phelps' indiscriminate Mary Jane toking is curbing the munchies in major metropolitan areas?

Few seem troubled by Phelps' marijuana problems. "The boxes have kind of flown off the shelves," Ash said.

We would advise quickly disposing of the free toy surprise: The plastic crack pipe that is also a whistle.

Photo: San Francisco Chronicle.

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