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Phil Jackson Gets Mad At Perfectly Legitimate Criticism

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The New York Knicks aren't a very good basketball team, and at times this season they have clearly struggled to implement coach Derek Fisher's version of the triangle offense. When asked by reporters about the Knicks, this led NBA commissioner Adam Silver to direct some light teasing their way. Via the New York Daily News:

"Clearly, they're still learning the triangle," Silver said with a laugh. "I still don't understand it, but they're learning it. But that's what the game is all about. You have a new coach, you have a new president of basketball operations in Phil Jackson; you have a couple new players on the team."

However innocuous (and correct) Silver's observation was, it did not sit well with Phil Jackson. It is one thing for fans and writers to make fun of the team, but the NBA commissioner? Before tonight's game against the Atlanta Hawks, Jackson fired back. Via ESPN:

"I wasn't so humored by the commissioner actually jumping in on top of that, too," he said. "He doesn't need to get in on that. There's enough focus on [the] triangle. It's not anything. It's a system. It's simple basketball. Just play the game. We're over the triangle; let's get to business and play the right way."


Well, maybe the Knicks can play well enough tonight to cheer ol' grumpy-butt up. Let's check in on how they're doing:

Ahh, jeez.

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