Phil Jackson, or whoever is running Phil Jackson's account, has had an interesting run on Twitter. It started with a too-good-to-be-true debut that turned out to be a commercial and segued into book recommendations for Kobe Bryant. Now he's trying to congratulate George Karl on winning coach of the year. Trying.

that was so nice, right? I'm sure George Karl, the George Karl whose profile page has Google Chrome asking me if I'd like to translate from Indonesian, is jazzed to hear from NBA coaching legend Phil Jackson. George Karl the NBA coach, however, has no idea.

The best part is, right before tweeting at Indonesian George Karl, Phil Jackson retweeted a tweet from Pau Gasol who actually managed to congratulate George Karl, NBA coach.


OK, I lied. The best part is actually this: a good samaritan informed Phil he had the wrong account and Phil turned around and blamed it all on Pau. And says "Fubar!"


There is something comforting about Phil spurning the stress of another head-coaching gig for the tranquility of a tightly-packed bowl Big Sky country and hanging out on Twitter exactly how you'd expect a 67-year-old dude would.

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