It’s the Dead Zone of the summer sports calendar, and I am on the verge of dying from physiological lack of hot sports action. Thankfully, there is man out there who the IRON NUTSACK to throw down the kind of C4-tipped bazooka take that can carry you and I through the purgatory of late July. That man is New York Post columnist and living colostomy bag Phil Mushnick, who launched THE Aaron Judge knobjob against which all future Aaron Judge knobjobs shall be… uh… decided upon. Breaking down that take is the subject of this week’s Deadcast.

Ah, but dear friends, that is not all. We also spend a lot of time this week breaking down the Hugh Freeze sex scandal, and we answer YOUR Funbag questions about hitting for the home run cycle, best all-time college teams, and more! Consider your boring-ass summer SOLVED.


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