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Philadelphia Gets Down To Brass Tacks, Just Asks Andy Reid If He's Going To Resign

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Things are so bad in Philadelphia that reporters are just asking Andy Reid if he's going to quit to save himself the indignity of being fired. The Eagles were soundly defeated by the Redskins yesterday, 31-6, bringing Philly down to 3-7 and all by itself at the bottom of the NFC East. Mike Vick can barely function as a regular human being and LeSean McCoy might be right behind him. Reid recently fired offensive coordinator line coach-turned-defensive coordinator, Juan Castillo and the Eagles have lost six straight. This is but a sampling of what a terrible season it's been.


So, with one coordinator and two star players down, the bullseye has nowhere else to go but on the head coach. The sentiment is fine—media openly speculating about your job is the cost of doing business in professional sports—but just being straight up asked at a press conference if you should resign is a whole different animal.


Reid handled it in typical Reid fashion—which probably only further infuriated Philadelphians—and took responsibility for everything and said he's going to fight this thing to the end.

"I'm standing in front of the team and saying these are the things we need to do, one of which is we need to battle," Reid said. "I think [resigning] would be a cop out. That's not how I see things. That's now how I'm wired. I'm not going to tell them one thing and do the other."

It seems all but certain that Reid will not be back as the Eagles coach at this point, but he won't be the one pulling the plug. Even if you ask him.

Andy Reid: Resigning 'would be a cop out' []

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