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Philadelphia: Home Of Rotten Fans, Underachieving Teams And Dick Towels

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I'm not sure what the context of the poor woman doing the "news" is for sure, but it appears the usual post-mortem at Chickie's and Pete's where they get crowd reactions from drunk people about the Eagles game.


I can't think of a better metaphor for yesterday's game that is the "dick towel." And, yes, what a day it was for those Eagles — the hottestmostunstoppablesuperbowlbound team in the league just seconds before they were summarily dismantled by the Cowboys — who proved that it's possible to pull your starters even though they are actually still playing in the game. NFL parity is for real, people. So congratulations in advance to the Super Bowl XLIV champion New York Jets. You showed lots of poise for such a young team.

And, hey — Happy 2010.

Here are some things of note that will change this year that you will all probably hate but we'll deal with them anyway because deep down, you know we love each other.


Anyway, here we go:

* Fights!and/orBoobs!: A new tag titled "Fights!and/orBoobs!" has popped up, first introduced on the haunting girls moshpit video from last week. This tag will stay and will be used as kind of an offshoot of the "whimsy" or "sad? whimsy?" tag. I'll over-explain for the sake of specificity: The fights!and/orboobs! tag should really be used to feature sad, whimsical things that feature fights and or boobs. Please send all suggestions to to help us fill that #fightsandorboobs section of the website. It'll give us all something different to do.

* New features: Yes, we'll hopefully be rolling out a couple this week. They will be fun/quirky/or horrible but we'll see how long they last.


* "Deadspin XY": This will be a new feature gif/tag (those ones that pop-up on the side — think "deadspin decadium") that will pop up anytime we do a story that doesn't have anything do with sports (and is not "Balls Deep") to better showcase some stories, you, 96.5% male readership will enjoy. No, they will not necessarily all be fights!and/orboobs! We think you can handle things more substantial than that. Or not. Let's try!

* More nights!: Yes, Monday nights will be in play. Monday through Thursday we'll be spending your late nights with you. These should be more interactive and I'm hoping those of you who do stick around and area bored would help rebuild the community that was lost in the great purge of May 31, 2009. This is your space, too, and we can all get along. Just use the hashtags. Rebuild your DUAN!, if you'd like. Or make it something new that's up all night. Like, I don't know, "BLUAN!" or "FUAN!" or "JUAN!" Be creative. Oh, this Monday night thing starts next week. I'm gonna chill a bit tonight. Hey, eat me. I did New Year's day!


* More changes to the front page that will annoy the crap out of you!: Yes, I don't even know when they're coming. But they always do. We all have to deal with them. Sucks.

There will also be more Balls Deep, more stories that will inevitably garner us lots of negative publicity, more unfair comparisons to TMZ Sports or whatever other sports-gossip thing comes along in 2010. I have faith that we will all persevere.


If you have any questions/comments/suggestions/strongly-worded emails telling me how this site is being handled all wrong and that "Will Leitch is rolling over in his grave" (a personal favorite), you know where to find me.

Let's evolve. Together.

Yours in ruination,

Albert James Daulerio, III

Screengrab: This nice lady

Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Go make the ground proud to hold you up or something.

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