Have you ever found yourself envious of all those races runners participate in, but are unwilling to actually run? Then Philadelphia (which, it should be noted, is the 14th-fattest city in the U.S.) has just the event for you.

On February 6, the Philly 0.0 Instant Gratification Run will charge participants $35 to literally step from a start line over a finish line. The men's and women's winners are chosen by lottery, and event participants are given all the schwag that runners at races usually get, like a t-shirt and post-race food. The entry bib is your proof of admittance to the after-party.

Don't have the energy to get to leave your house? The Philly 0.0 also has a $28 "Virtual Participant" category. I assume your shirt is mailed to you so you can show all your friends proof of the non-race you didn't even go to.

"Race" director Todd Strauss told Philly.com the inspiration for the event came from the desire to throw a running-themed party during a time of year when few races are offered. (He did not explain why he didn't just throw a race.) "It is all about having fun and keeping the spirit of the race," he said as his city continues to grow more obese by the minute.


Photo: JayneandD/Flickr