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"When it was over, the town was a charred, smoldering mess—a blackened patch of scorched earth that left the survivors shocked and shattered as they tried to figure out what happened and how to move forward."

Doesn't that remind you of something? Like when the Phillies lost to the Giants in the 2010 NLCS? You know what? John Gonzalez thinks so, too. The introductory paragraph to this column is almost admirably committed to the analogy. There is something to be said for going all out. Maybe our man deserves a round of applause for his resolve.


"Philadelphia's dreams were torched and turned to ashes," Gonzalez wrote, as he left the yard, "when, once more, the Phillies failed to extinguish the inexplicably hot Giants."

Or maybe not.

Phillies may have been the better team but they failed in the clutch [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

[H/T Adam]

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