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Philadephians Could Care Less About Chase Utley Swearing

Late yesterday, we posted a video of Chase Utley performing a more-than-casual swear at the Phillies victory celebration, pronouncing to the crowd that the team was now "world fucking champions!" As you can imagine, Philadelphians were none too pleased about the man introducing such a profane word to their children, ruining their lives forever, causing them to demand that Utley be shipped out of town on the next freight. Wait, what? They don't really care at all and kinda loved it?

The crowd loved it, erupting into cheers for several minutes.

Animals. But what about the children?!

"They hear worse stuff in school," said Ivette Centeno, 44, of Northeast Philadelphia, there with her two children and two grandchildren. "As a parent, we can explain that it was just excitement, and that we don't want them to say that."


Yeah, good luck with that. Now that Utley introduced the word to your kids, it's going to be "Hey grand-fucking-ma, make me a sandwich" and "This fucking teacher at school won't give me a fucking break" and "I want that fucking Alf pog!" Way to ruin the innocence of the Philadelphian youth, Chase fucking Utley. Utley had TV, radio cursing [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

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