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Week In Review: Yes Us Can

We're THIS close to having a new President, people. Four more days! Four more days! OK, I'm shutting this thing down, but not before we review what we've learned this week. • Erin Andrews can tuck me in any time. • Tonight, we're all Phillies fans ... except for that guy in the Padres hat. Let's get him! • If this were Mayberry, John Daly would be Otis Campbell. • Smear the queer! • Despite Danyelle Sargent's valiant efforts, Bill Walsh still deceased •. Mike Singletary can kill you with his thoughts. Be safe out there tonight, citizens. And if you come across a pantsless Deadspin editor lying comatose in the street, please gently roll him to the curb. And feel free to take his wallet and shoes for your trouble.

video: Crashburn Alley


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