Philipp Lahm Has Too Much Pride To Slum It In MLS As An Old Guy

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MLS has had a headline-grabbing past month or so, as scrubs both old and young join, try to join, or are rumored to join the league. The Germany and Bayern Munich captain Philipp Lahm was asked by L'Equipe about his plans for when his career winds down, and he has his sights set a little higher than the retirement league.

Here's what he had to say about possibly retiring once his Bayern contract runs out in three-and-a-half seasons:

"That's [his contract's expiration] a possible date [of retirement]. I will be 34 then. It will be the right moment. I'm not someone who is going to push and push until I break. I want to leave at the top of my game.

"I want to have the memory of magnificent years with the national team and Bayern. I don't see myself going to the USA or Qatar."


We'll have to wait and see just how steely his resolve is when 2018 comes around and he's no longer the integral part of the Bayern setup he is now, but still. It's one thing when we point out MLS's ... shortcomings, but when a player like Lahm himself equates the league with Qatar's—well, he's telling you all you need to know.