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If This Is Wil Nieves's Tinder Profile, He Has A Funny Pickup Method

Via Zoo With Roy, someone spotted a Tinder user on Tuesday night using the photo of Phillies backup catcher Wil Nieves—and his daughter.

Tinder shows only local folks, and that Twitter user is in Orange County, Calif., but that makes sense, since on Tuesday night Nieves and the Phillies were in L.A. playing the Dodgers. And according to Crossing Broad's math, that Tinder account was active within 17 minutes of the end of that game. If it's indeed Nieves, the man was wasting no time.


I am an old and slightly confused by Tinder, so a few weeks ago I consulted my coworker, the young, athletic, and single Kyle Wagner. "It is," he confirmed, "for boning." Then, earlier today I consulted Tim Marchman, who claims he gets "adoring looks" from women when he's with his young daughter and "it would be really easy to use her as a tool."

Ipso facto, Q.E.D., Wil Nieves (who, at least as of last July, was married) is using his baby daughter to help him bone women. At least, if that's Wil Nieves and not some random dude using his photo.

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