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Phillies Visit White House

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Are they saying "boo" or "Boo-rack"? Get it? Because people from Philly are always booing stuff!


The World Series Champions got the customary face time with the Prez yesterday, where the Comedian-in-Chief was presented with a jersey and cracked jokes about fellow Hawaiian Shane Victorino ("Shane, we don't get that many baseball players from Hawaii in the Majors. Where did Shane go? He was around here somewhere"), his campaign manager David Plouffe's fandom ("I'm not sure whether he cared more about my victory or the Phillies' victory"), and Chase Utley ("I hear that guy has laid more pipe than Joe Wurzelbacher").

Okay, I made that last one up. But congrats to the Phillies anyway, who in visiting the White House broke another long-standing streak, in that it was the closest anyone from Pennsylvania has been to the Presidency since James Buchanan.

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