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Philly Police Confiscate Gun From Marvin Harrison

Marvin Harrison is apparently still under the watchful eye of the Philadelphia PD as a traffic stop just three blocks from his garage turns up another 9-mm handgun that they will add to the investigation of the Dwight Dixon shooting.

Cops claim that after they pulled over Harrison (who was going the wrong way down a one-way street) on Wednesday afternoon, they saw him hide what appeared to be a weapon in the console of his car. When asked if he had a gun, Harrison denied it, but it was found during a subsequent search of the vehicle. Authorities say they plan to test it against shell casings from the 2008 shooting of Dixon that have yet to be linked to any gun. Dixon claimed the bullets came from Harrison's, but no weapon was ever found.


Officials aren't claiming that this is the gun in question—yet—but if the tests come back positive, he's going to be in a spot of trouble. It's safe to say that police are not about to let this case go away.

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