Piazza Convinces Publisher That His Life Story Is Entertainingly Heterosexual

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One of my good friends from high school had the opportunity to work out with the Dodgers during spring training in the mid-90s. He said the experience in the locker room was memorable because Ramon Martinez swung his penis around like a gangster's pocket watch and that Mike Piazza had the most disgusting back acne he'd ever seen in his life. "He had to wear two shirts because of all the pus, " he said. Hopefully, Piazza shares some of those stories in his upcoming autobiography, which he just signed on to do for Simon and Schuster. According to Publisher's Weekly,he'll "d iscuss controversies of his career, including the 2000 World Series incident when Roger Clemens threw a shattered bat at him, and the press conference he held to deny rumors that he was gay. The autobiography will also cover Piazza's tumultuous relationships with the Dodgers, their front office and Tommy Lasorda; as well as his former teammates Bobby Valentine, Pedro Martinez, Rickey Henderson and others." There is no title for the book at this time, but I'm positive Mike will go out of his way to ensure "Catcher" is not in it. Piazza Signs With S&S [PW]