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Pick Your Most Hated Announcer

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The finals of the great Road From Bristol bracket (non-ESPN edition) has arrived, just in time for FOX's coverage of the two championship series. The final two competitors are both baseball broadcasters, one known for being an unabashed homer, the other bringing more ballast than a war correspondent.

FOX's Tim McCarver trounced Dan Marino, Jimmy Johnson, Terry Bradshaw and Billy Packer on his way to the finals, while White Sox shill Hawk "You can put it on the board, YEAH!" Harrelson, somewhat of a surprise finalist, breezed by Seth Davis, Steve Lyons, Magic Johnson and Tony Siragusa. We personally think McCarver's got this one in the bag; right now, fans of all four teams are frantically scouring the Web to see if McCarver and Joe Buck are doing their game, or the other series. (Sorry, White Sox and Angels fans; you're the winners.)


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