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One of the funnier bits "The Daily Show" has done of late was to run training video of late terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi set to the "American Idol" song "Bad Day," which was always played when a contestant was voted off the show. It somehow summed up so many conflicted and complicated worldviews in about 10 seconds.

Anyway, we had the same reaction watching that brutal United States 3-0 loss to the Czech Republic a couple of hours ago. That game definitely needed the "Bad Day" song ... or at least gruesome, gross videos of an assassinated leader. With the worst loss of the World Cup so far, it will be telling to see if the air has already been let out of the brief, "Hey, we care about soccer in the U.S.!" balloon. Will everyone still watch Saturday now? What if they lose? Will the ratings of the Ghana game beat the Stanley Cup Finals?

We're sure David Hirshey will have plenty to say about this tomorrow, but we, infinitely dumber about soccer, must merely say: When's the NBA Draft again?


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