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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Pirate Fans Record First Save Of The Year

Illustration for article titled Pirate Fans Record First Save Of The Year

A grandfather visiting PNC Park last week had a heart attack in the stands, but was saved when the fan sitting behind him turned out to be a trauma surgeon who managed to bring him back to life.


Charles Trimble, who happens to be a Reds fan, took his wife and 4-year-old grandson to see Cincinnati at Pittsburgh on August 23. He had seats, but scalped tickets so he could trade up to the club level—probably not that hard to do in Pittsburgh—and ended up seated near Dr. Christopher Post of Allegheny General Hospital. When Trimble turned white and slumped over, Post leapt into action, signaling Pirates staff who quickly grabbed the team's portable defibrillator. With the help of an EMT and a nurse who were also seated nearby, this rag tag group of medical heroes saved Trimble's life and got him to a hospital alive, where he made full recovery. The survival rate of someone whose heart stops outside of a hospital is less than 10%, so yeah, he's pretty freaking lucky.

The Pirates lost the game, natch.

Fan's Heart Stops At Pittsburgh Pirates Game [WTAE Pittsburgh]

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