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Pistons Aren't Ready To Go Home Yet

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You know if Ben Wallace is happy, everybody's happy.

As anyone probably should have been able to guess, the Pistons reminded everyone why we've considered them the best team all season by streaking past the Heat 91-78 tonight. Detroit scored the last nine points of the game, denying us what we were all kind of thinking would be a pretty fantastic finish. Ah, well.


This sets up, of course, a brutally important Game 6 this Friday in Miami, with the Heat needing to win to finish all kinds of "Lakers-Like Collapse?" type stories that you just know everyone's dying to write.

We appreciate the loyalty and hope displayed by the Detroit Bad Boys folks, who, despite fearing they had "a team of Benoit Benjamins" out there — oh, so THAT'S what everyone's always talking about, with that whole "All About The Benjamins" business; good to have that cleared up — stuck it out. Game 6 could be an epic we wanted. Man, these NBA playoffs have ruled this year. We smile big, pleased.

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