This is pretty bizarre, even for Division III college baseball. While the pitcher (Berry College) is winding up—with the bases loaded—the batter (Hendrix College) calls, and is awarded, time out. The pitcher continues his motion and throws home.

The YouTube uploader suggests he tried to hit the batter, which is open to debate, I suppose, but it does look like he's jawing with the batter and he even seems to glance over at third base on his way back to the mound. Regardless, it is safe to assume that, at the very least, he did not appreciate the late time call. He was also in the process of putting his team in a 7-2 hole.


The next pitch is wild and instead of covering the plate, the pitcher takes off for the runner breaking for home and absolutely levels him. It is a textbook takedown. Except, you know: Baseball. I mean, the ball is not even thrown to the pitcher and it wouldn't have mattered anyway because he's not looking for it. The benches clear and one of the coaches smartly yanks the pitcher out of the way as things probably would have escalated. Remarkably, Berry came back to win 9-7.

h/t Foster