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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Rich Harden signs his life over to Arlington and El Fightins will do the awkward here's-your-jersey presentation with Roy Halladay at 5 p.m. Buster Olney's grinding the Jamey Carroll beat. And why does Buster only follow this dude? HOTFUCKINGSTOVE.

• Walking Beat-off Ken Rosenthal can't process all the information at once without screwing up his Hall/Holli-Days at least once.


• Jon Heyman says the Mets are tweaking: "Moving aggressively to try to secure a power-hitting left fielder, the Mets tweaked their offer to Jason Bay to give him a possible five-year alternative and are getting back into the ballgame for Matt Holliday, as well, has learned."[SI]

• There's some sort of John Lackey Traitor campaign afoot in the California hinterlands. OC Register Jeff Miller puts them in their place: "You make it so easy to point out your stupidity because your stupidity is on Goodyear blimp-type display." [OCRegister]

• Oh, and if you'd like some more Hot Stove without the fucking, here's With a little flame on the "o" because the stove is so hot it makes some vowels combustible.HotStove]

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