Last year, a high school pitcher named Gunnar Sandberg was struck directly in the head with a line drive to the pitchers mound. He was in a medically-induced coma for a month following the incident. This week, Easton-Bell released the first helmet specially designed for pitchers, known in-house as "The Dome." Sandberg was on hand to model the prototype at Easton's headquarters in Scott Valley, Calif. on Monday, and he'll wear a version of the model on the field for Marin Catholic High — where he's given up pitching and will play in the infield — this season. At the podium for Easton yesterday, he asked, "Wouldn't you rather wear this than be in the hospital for two months?" Most would say yes, but it will likely take some time, and some endorsements, before this makes its way up to the big leagues. To speed up the process, Easton should probably just cut a deal with Phiten and throw some titanium gems on the thing.

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