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Pittsburgh vs. Jacksonville

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Well that last game pretty much ripped my heart right out, but I don't think this one is capable of such damage. Regardless, there's money on the table and I'm already down, so my interest stoked. The Jaguars crossed Clemente Bridge for the second time in three weeks with enough confidence to take the field as if it were their own; their own shity, shitty field. The Steelers are up against it, but perhaps just for tonight, Steely McBeam's gay power can overcome and Deuce's can be wild. I will be providing occasional updates (although far less frequent) during the late game, so join along after the jump...


Enjoy the match up of true Pennsylvania steel versus southern rednecks with hunting rifles...

-Wow, almost back-to-back scores there. Deuce got loose inside the big hamper and MJD brought the ensuing kick back to the half yard-line. It was downright sexy, and I've been drinking. Time for dinner, I'll check back later.

-At halftime everything is going according to plan. Jacksonville is dominating and Big Ben is clearly drunk.

Jacksonville 21 - 7 Pittsburgh