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Pity The Poor Buffalo Fan

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Heading into the NHL playoffs, the subplot we were most excited about involved the Buffalo Sabres, a team with a long-suffering but rabid — we mean literally rabid; it's in the Buffalo drinking water — fanbase and a No. 1 seed. After they beat the Rangers, it all appeared to be coming together. At last, the city of Buffalo had a real chance at a championship, or at least another opportunity to fall apart in the title game/series.


Well, at this point, it's clear they're not even going to make it to that point, losing 1-0 to Ottawa last night to fall behind 3-0. It's not a happy time in Buffalo.

I'm sure we'll all be able to talk about what appeared to be a flat Buffalo Sabres team that took the ice tonight. The effort certainly seemed to be sporadic, and the power play continued to be awful. When you watch hockey on a regular basis, you come to realize that all those bounces that go to the winning team may seem lucky, but it's usually the result of out-working the opponent. Ottawa ended up with most of the loose pucks on their sticks tonight. Enough said.


Well, actually, some aren't even handling it that well.

And, at this point, if you haven't shown up for the first 3 games guys, don't show up for the 4th. Save everyone a little time and money and let us get back to our lives. I think I'll be madder at them if they actually win game 4 at this point than if they lose it.

Sorry, Sabres fans. At least you still get to live in Buffalo.

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