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Planking Reaches Its Inevitable Low Point With These Two Dallas News Anchors Named Chip And Tim

They ruined it for us.

Planking started as a hip, in-the-know pastime among Aussies and members of the Orlando Magic. Earlier this week, a Home Run Derby photographer and giant ant mascot went planking. Those were disquieting planks, but nothing that could make us reconsider the movement.

But now Chip and Tim from Good Day Dallas have gotten into the act, reader Johnny tells us, staid suits and all. Worse, someone wrote about it:

Planking is all the rage for hipsters these days. And Tim is nothing if not hip. Chip as well.
Look up the definition of "hip" in the dictionary and you'll see their pictures.
Unfortunately you'll only see these videos here because only FOX 4 is awesome that way.


It's like when the Rolling Stones gobbled up the blues, but much, much worse.


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