Player Taking Penalty Kick Falls On His Face, Gets Up, Scores Anyway

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You probably can't do that, right? Pretty sure you can't do that.

First, let's back up. Here's the situation: Maldives were playing Afghanistan this week in the 2014 AFC Challenge Cup third place match. The teams were scoreless after ninety minutes, and each scored once in extra time. Penalties, then.

After five kicks each, the two sides were even, so the shootout went to sudden death. That's when Maldives player Ashad Ali Adubarey stepped up, approached the ball, tripped over his own feet, and absolutely ate it.


If you thought that was the end of the kick, you'd be wrong, because Adubarey took one glance at the motionless ref, stood up, and passed the ball past a confused keeper. Count it, we guess. Maldives would win soon after.

It kinda felt like bullshit, but instead of letting you argue amongst yourselves down below, we took the liberty of looking the rules for balking penalties. FIFA says:

Feinting in the run-up to take a penalty kick to confuse opponents is permitted as part of football. However, feinting to kick the ball once the player has completed his run-up is considered an infringement of Law 14 and an act of unsporting behaviour for which the player must be cautioned.


That settles it, sorta. Goal, or whatever.