Players' Attorney In Sexual Misconduct Case Shreds Maryland Athletic Department As "Dysfunctional Viper Pit"

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Donald Jackson, the Alabama-based attorney paid using athletic department funds to represent two players accused by a fellow student of sexual assault, ripped the Maryland athletic department Friday, describing it as “a dysfunctional viper pit” defined by “political gamesmanship, internal backbiting and administrative incompetence.”


Maryland initially pinned responsibility for the misuse of department funds in hiring and retaining Jackson on former athletic director Kevin Anderson. Jackson told the Baltimore Sun on Friday that it was, in fact, suspended head coach DJ Durkin who hired him, and Anderson reportedly told the Washington Post on Thursday that Maryland’s story, that Anderson failed to follow the university’s instruction to sever ties with Jackson, “is inaccurate.” A picture is coming into focus, here, of a wildly corrupt and dysfunctional football program that should probably be nuked out of existence.