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We think Tom Coughlin freaks us out a little bit. In our nightmares, when we've done something vaguely wrong that we don't understand but know that it was terrible, Coughlin's the type of guy who shows up in our dreams, screaming at us, like the drill sergeant gym teacher in "Beavis & Butthead." "Kick me in the Jimmy!"

This is probably the most hotly debated playoff game of the weekend, though anytime the Panthers are on national television, we have happy visions of Rae Carruth in a cell somewhere, trading favors for the right to have the channel changed from "In The Kitchen With Bob."

A roundup of picks from around the Web, including our own. Warning: Our picks are almost always wrong.

Bill Simmons: Giants.
Daily Quickie's Instant Histrionics: Panthers.
Harmon Forecast: Panthers.
NFL Spam: Panthers.
Onside Kicks: Panthers
Peter King: Giants.
Paul Zimmerman: Giants.
• DEADSPIN PICK: Giants. It's going to be cold, rainy and miserable in New York on Sunday. Like our soul.

(Give us your predictions and rationales in the comments, if you're not too much of a big freaking wimp. Bring it.)