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Playoff Pants Party: Phillies Vs. Rockies

The best part about the playoffs is that every team can, legitimately, be considered a "team of destiny." The only team last year that probably didn't have a claim as a "team of destiny" going into the playoffs was the team who won the World Series.

But these two, the Phillies and the Rockies, probably have the most legitimate claims to destiny status. It's almost a shame the two most inspiring stories have to face each other in the NLDS; it would be like George Mason and, we dunno, Virginia Commonwealth having to play in the NCAA First Round. That said, it means one of them, amazingly, will be one series from the World Series. But which one? (Drama! Thanks, Dane!)


A look at predictions from around the Internets:

CoolStandings: Rockies in four.
AJ Daulerio: Phillies in four.
Will Carroll: Rockies in four.
Jeff Pearlman: Phillies in five.
Jayson Stark: Phillies in five.
Buster Olney: Phillies in five.
• DEADSPIN: Phillies in four. Cole Hamels is starting to look like a true ace, and the Phillies' hitters are dramatically better. Remember, Philly has some momentum too.


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